sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

Eviction threat against Centro de Cultura Libertária: new trial

On the last July 7th we received the response from the Lisbon Court of Appeal to the appeal interposed by Centro de Cultura Libertária (CCL) concerning the eviction threat made by our landlord. The decision was favourable to us: it annulled the first trial and decided to hold a new trial in the Court of Almada. The annulment was based on contradictions found in the facts that were considered to be true in the first trial. We continue with the same will to keep our premises so we will try to prepare our defence the best we can for the trial to be held in the coming months. Therefore we will be forced to bear new costs with the lawyer, which go far beyond the capabilities of an anarchist centre which endures only due to the contributions of its members and friends. If it was not for the support received from so many people who stood in solidarity against the eviction of the CCL, we would have already lost it. Due to this help, we already have most of the money needed, lacking about 800 euros to pay for our legal defence. Centro de Cultura Libertária July 11th 2010 Contacts: E-mail: Mail: Apartado 40 / 2800-801 Almada / Portugal Blog: Bank account details for donations: Owner: CENTRO DE CULTURA LIBERTÁRIA For transfers inside Portugal: NIB: 003501790000215493029 For foreign transfers: IBAN: PT50003501790000215493029 BIC: CGDIPTPL